museo aero solar

“museo aero solar”
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The first flying museum, build with recycled plastic bag, that flies only with solar energy. A solar flying canvas.

Any plastic bag off any size, color, and thickness is useful.

From village to village, from country to country, from continent to continent, from solar system to the un-known, the “museo aero solar” will be traveling and growing with solar and human energy. Each time that it will land there will be more plastic bags added from the local community where shape and content will be actualized, and in this way augmenting the flight distance.
A museum where dimensions, shape, colour and location are in constant mutation, the more bags, the bigger its dimensions and the larger its collection. ...where the air is his own territory.
.... a viable solar mobility to the un-sustainability of our airplanes. In search of new frontiers, where each launch will be questioning and challenging the existing military air division of this world...

Together with the plastic bag, leave your name then we will be able to contact you for the launching moment, recovery and re-launch again, toward another unpredictable future ...


Anonymous said...

Everything was so beautiful this morning in Lyon...

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely brilliant

Unknown said...

I am quite in love with this project. It became one of my prime examples in a recent talk. thank you.


ami oosawa said...


It became reference very much as a plan to produce in the community.

I am a curator in Japan.
It will assist in the future.

Asami Kinoshita (curator /Japan)

Anonymous said...

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